Giraffes face poaching threats for bushmeat and bone across their range in East Africa causing a significant conservation challenge for our time. As a consequence, giraffe depletion potentially undermines the economic prospects from the tourism industry that is dependent on the wildlife in East African countries including Tanzania. Although several motives drive poaching, the economic benefits from selling bushmeat tops the list, suggesting that alternative strategies for income generation could alleviate giraffe poaching. This project seeks to engage local communities from around the Serengeti ecosystem in snare artisanry with the goal of improving their income base to deter the poaching of giraffe and other species. This project will build the capacity of villagers surrounding the Greater Serengeti Ecosystem in the production of sellable snare jewels from wire snares collected by rangers from the parks, thus reducing illegal killing of giraffe. 

Snare Art Making a Positive Impact on Reducing Snare Poaching 

Alfan Abeid Rija

Sokoine University of Agriculture

Vision:  "To support conservation research and education programs that strive to ensure the survival of giraffes and their ecosystems for future generations.”

Mission:  "To guarantee that giraffes are protected and preserved in their natural habitat."

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